Bass Cannon VR – our first meeting

I’ve joined a group already, we are supposed to finalise this in 2 weeks time. At the moment we are on a 2 week break, but we want to create a VR tower defense game and need to start working out everything to allow more time for developing and play testing.

The game we are making is a tower defense game where you use a music gun to shoot dub step at enemies to protect your tower. It is to be made in Unity on the HTC Vive, to be ready for the Steam VR market. I have spent the last 2 days teaching myself VR, and have found it to be well within my skills as a programmer – it definitely pushes the limits of C#, almost as if it is trying to emulate C++. I enjoy the memory control C++ gives, so have no problem with what is required.

In our team meeting we worked out what we need to do, and tried to make sure we were not over scoping by figuring out the time frames what we need to do will have. We have 45 in class days to do this, so I am allowing 30 days for programming and 15 for extra debugging, play testing and the joys of paperwork. We all agree on the idea and understand what each other is doing, we have a Slack channel and Trello set up, as well as BitBucket for our source control, though we may swap to Perforce when we go come back from our break.

So far, so good.

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