Game Changer!

We’ve taken all our recent Alpha build play testing on board, and are changing the scene from the tropical seaside resort style outdoor party that no one connected with aliens and shooting music out of a large gun, and have swapped it out to a night club with neon, Tron like lighting effects and a dark feel.

Also we’ve swapped out the slider ammunition change mechanic for hand gestures, using a third party asset set available on the Unity store for gesture recognition – you use an orb floating on the deck to draw the gestures from, and different shapes drawn set the different ammo. The remaining space on the deck will be used as a GUI panel in the game.

Programming wise the only change is the gesture mechanic, so it’s onto tidying up the game state, enemy navigation and general debugging fun – but the artists have their work cut out!

As you can see from this scene screenshot things are already looking great!


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