Finally Beta Build

So, after last week’s frustration with the VR gesture asset pack, I decided it was better for everyone involved and removed all things gesture related from our game.

Since our designer had players swiping through the orb to be able to activate their gestures, I kept the orb as the activation, but all you need to do is swipe your left hand through the orb itself to change the ammunition, which activates one after the other on each swipe, then loops back to the first. With Beta already due this is very much a last minute fix.

Now, with that fixed up – and 16 beta build attempts later – we have an actual beta version of the game!

Some friends of AIE, from SMG, popped in as well to play our game. They game us some great feedback, such as having a demo mode for the game, which we are taking on board for Gold (we may have made the game too hard, eheheh whoops).

And Gold is fast approaching, but first must come MIGW! Except for our designer who is a bit ill at the moment our whole team is going (One of our artists got mixed up and thought we were going to class next week as well, so won’t be down in Melbourne until Thursday – but we forgive them as they will be attending PAX, yay!).

The game goes on hold until we – well, I, since it’s just debugging to do – get back from Melbourne. 🙂

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