MIGW and all the trimmings

Oh my what a week I’ve had!

I started Melbourne International Games Week (referred to as MIGW for those who may not know) last Sunday, by flying into Melbourne in the early morning and heading over to the Meat Market to start with GCAP Loading. This was an event for students, and well worth attending. I brought with me a notebook, and so many of my notes are from this event!

Rami Ismail was an amazing keynote speaker, and it was great to hear about people’s experiences in graduating and starting work in the game development industry.

On Monday I went to Unite Melbourne, a conference all about Unity which was also great to attend and see what others are doing within Unity’s system. I especially liked Adam Goodrich’s terrain environment generation asset called Gaia, and of course Mark Schramm’s talk on movement in VR.

Tuesday and Wednesday were when I attended GCAP – Game Connect Asia Pacific. It was great seeing my friends and fellow students exhibit their own game here, and meet people from all over Australia and New Zealand. Wednesday night we had the Game Developer Awards and I got to talk to some amazing people in the games industry in the process.

Thursday was the VR festival at acmi, which was showcasing various VR games and experiences. It was more aimed at first time users, so I admit I had more fun exploring acmi’s regular exhibits and then went shopping.

Friday I attended PAX AUS, again I got to see my friends exhibit games in various stands across the indie showcase area, and got to check out all the fun and of course buy myself a nice PAX hoodie!

Then I flew home Friday night, and I’m still recovering!

Melbourne was great, MIGW was a blast and I’m definitely coming back next year! Now time to go back to sleep…

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