Year in Review

Work is winding down (a little) as we get to when we take our holiday break over Christmas/New Years so I thought I’d summarise all the projects I’ve worked on and things I’ve learnt in my first year as a software engineer:


  • Learning tool prototype for UNSW to use AVIE for student lessons and databse creation tool for teaching staff to utilise the prototype – used by various faculties through the year.
  • Nebula interactive installation flatscreen port with video system on tablet as well as new interactive particle scene developed just for flatscreen use.
  • New Nebula scene “Landscape” for both AVIE and flatscreen versions of the work, to replace the original “Body” scene. Showing in Germany and for private sessions in iCinema, people like it!
  • Final touches on an interactive database for ZKM’s art and installation catalogue, to be used in the travelling AVIE system.
  • Simple data visualisation prototype for Climate Scientists to interact with weather data in AVIE and on PC – to be continued
  • Nolan Particle interactive web piece called “Nobody Knows”
  • Sydney Contemporary 2017 work “Together Again” by Hayden Fowler with a dingo being tracked in real time with the HTC Vive and Unity

Some of these projects I can’t list anymore information on as they haven’t been finished, or I only did a small amount of finishing work on – just because I straightened a border or aligned a text box does not mean I did most of the project!

New Skills

  • Python – completely left of field for me, but I’ve mastered it enough to know what I’m doing now, and the lack of a need to compile is definitely a benefit here!
  • Unity shaders – suprisingly similar to OpenGL shaders, I wish someone had told me that…
  • Custom VR systems/ AVIE – it’s a complicated, warped camera view sometimes and that’s all I can say.
  • HTC Vive – I feel like I know this hardware system really well now, and am looking forward to getting my hands on the new headset and base stations next year!
  • Servers and networking – I’m fine with the hardware side, the software side I still have to learn a lot more before I’d feel confident on my own.

I’d like to point out here I’ve been using Git since I was studying, and have continued with it this year at work as well using Git extensions. Now that is one handy extension, look into it if you haven’t already, it makes source control an integrated breeze.

I’m looking forward to next year, I’ll hopefully be getting a new contract in February, and I’ll no doubt have more freelance projects once things get rolling again in the new year.