Job Contract Woes

So, I’m supposed to be put on a short term contract to do some work for Sydney University and then return to working for UNSW again later in the year, however red tape means we haven’t seen the money yet, and no money means no job. I’m still doing the Henry VR project but I need more money to be able to live.

I’ve been given a 2 week extension on my contract to allow Sydney University more time to get their side of things sorted out. My boss said they completely understand if I am job hunting as well because the situation is out of their hands (except the extension, that was a nice gesture and I appreciate it).

I’m sure it will be sorted in the next month, I just have to keep working and maybe take a bit of time off, or work and get back paid, as long as the back pay happens (and doesn’t drag out for a long time) I don’t mind.

I’m not super keen on leaving my first programming job after a year, it seems too short a time, and my boss doesn’t want me to go, but money is the driving force in these situations so I must do what I need to do.

Perhaps if i have a little time off I can learn Unreal, or make a fun game prototype. Or just go swimming, it has been very hot recently.