Melbourne International Games Week is done, I am very tired.

Andrew and I spoke at Unite, it went well – well, it didn’t actually. The projector screen in our room kept flickering and turning on and off, which is extremely annoying when we have a very visual presentation. Also we were given different lunch slots so couldn’t test this beforehand which was weird. All in all I’ll be giving Unite a miss next year, attendance was down and quality was as well.

GCAP was good, I got to see lots of different talks – I always make sure to go to some on topics I know nothing about, just to see if I learn anything or to get a different perspective on creating things. It was a shame so many talks in the same streams were on at the same time – it made it hard for people who wanted to go to a particular stream as they had a lot of clashing talks.

Epic Games setting up in this region was some good news, I’m excited to hear where they go (my bet is Wellington, let’s see if I’m right next year…) but I definitely felt like the change in leadership was causing a lot of ruffled feathers and in fighting between Melbourne devs which but a damper on the week.

The Dark Room was showcased at PAX AUS, it was really good to see it live as well – John Robertson brought his stage production that the game is based on to PAX and it was great, I hope he comes back next year!

MEGADEV was a nice send off, and now I’m trying to finish off TraumaScape for UNSW and Andrew so I can focus on a new job.