iOS AR Apps, and Depth Cameras

After finishing the AR app on the iPhone X, I’m keen to get my hands on a new phone with a front facing depth camera. My current phone is an S7, which is getting old and needs replacing – and doesn’t have the front facing camera setup I want.

I really enjoy working with AR, it definitely has a lot of potential and perhaps even a wider range of uses than VR, since we are not limited by headsets and controllers, just by what the cameras on a phone can see.

I’m not interested in an iPhone though – I don’t have any Apple devices at home, so loading apps onto an iPhone in my own time would be annoying. I am thinking either an S10, since rumours are saying it has the depth camera, or a Pixel 3 which does have it, and recently got support with ARCore, which I now can used in Unity. Since the S10 hasn’t been released yet ARCore doesn’t have support for it, and it seems to take a while for that to happen with new phones so I’d probably be better off with the Pixel.

I’ll need to get a longer contract to handle buying such an expensive phone though (I buy phones outright and use prepayment for data and calls). Since my contract with Virtual Immersive ends at the end of this month I’ll have to put this purchase on hold – unless we get a new contract I can continue working on of course.