About Me

Education first:

I have a Diploma of Game Development Programming from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, graduating in 2016.

I also have a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons) from Western Sydney University, with submajors in Industrial Graphics, Sustainable Design and Design Management and graduated in 2010.

Professional information:

I currently live in Sydney and work freelance as an Immersive Systems Engineer for VR focused projects. I currently am the Lead VR developer for Visospace, a VR hardware company making the Alto, as well as doing exhibtion and data analysis projects with iCinema at UNSW.

I have experience with custom VR hardware and software, as well as Unity and Unreal (and of course OpenGL). I have also worked as a  game programmer and UX designer for various projects.

I also do work with digital art exhibitions.

If you’d like to get in touch with me for contract work please email me through the links provided at the top of the page.