Honda AR Mobile Apps

While working at Spinifex I worked in a team developing AR mobile apps for Honda to showcase new car model features. These apps were made in Unity and ran on Android and iOS.

One app was for internal use, the other was used publicly in the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. The public app used the same functionality as the internal one, with AR and feature presentation along with multi screen presentation. It was utilised for presenting the 2020 Honda Civic Hybrid release at the show, under the name Honda Lens Live.

This presentation occurred with the car model on a rotating platform, and fixed devices placed around it. Using AR functionality the devices would pick up how the car was rotated and present options for features assigned to that side or segment of the car that passers by could interact with. The features available would dynamically change as the car slowly rotated in front of the device.

The app was also placed on a handheld device used by a presenter, who could walk around the car and choose the relevant features in real time and have the app screen shared to the big presentation wall behind the car for everyone to see.

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