Resonator VR Game


Resonator is a VR game made for the HTC Vive. It is a Sci Fi first person shooter where you are a DJ in a night club with aliens coming to attack you. To defend yourself you use your futuristic Deck complete with a gun to shoot music based ammunition at the aliens.

The player matches the right coloured ammunition to the same coloured alien to kill them., and you change the ammunition by swiping through an orb hovering on the deck. Kills increase your overall score. The aliens come in randomised waves that increase in size and difficulty the more the player survives. The player also has a 3 strike health bar – a strike from an alien is one strike, and when 3 strikes is reached the game ends.

This game was made for the second year final project for AIE, with myself as the programmer, four artists Melissa Lazcano, Carly Hayward, Jennyfer Ong and Tom Norfolk and one designer Liam Turner. We also had an outsourced Sound Engineer for the music.

I worked on the enemies spawning, navigation and states as well as the overall game states, user interface design and implementation for the deck and research and development of different ways to change the gun ammunition.

We made the game over a 4 month period, and have a working game and a demo version as well.

The player in the demo video is Gabriel Robinson, who came up with ducking under the deck for cover from the aliens!

Scripts on GitHub

Zip of executable demo – you need a HTC Vive to play this game