Networking Game with OpenGL

This was a fun but complicated game to make, and I did it in less than 8 weeks as a solo project. It was made in OpenGL with C++.

This is a functionality or game mechnics test version of the game, which is why it doesn’t look particularly pretty (I’m not an artist after all).

This is a 2 player cooperative game. The players can move around blocks in the grid by using the arrow or WASD keys, but cannot type or talk to one another. There are a colony of ants (represented by the line of spheres) who need to keep replenishing their home nest food supply (the red square is food, the yellow square is their nest), but cannot go into the blue water squares or they will die. One player (the orange square in this case, which is hidden on the food square in the picture) can place blocks over the blue squares to stop them falling into water, and the other player which is an orange square can direct the ants to where they need to go.

The game is networked, using RakNet inside OpenGL with the server making the game mechanic, game state and AI calculations and taking data from the Client’s player actions, then passing the coordinates and changes to the clients who have OpenGL to draw everything on their screens.

GitHub repository is here, showing the scripts I worked on

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