Vending Machine Simulator

Video taken on PC, game is optimised for mobile devices. The song is Hardstyle Rising by DJ Ephixa, We got permission to use the song in our game from the artist during the Game Jam and do not own any rights to this song.

game screens
Screenshots of each colour

This game was created by 2 Artists, Madeleine Chappell and Eric Tahiri and myself in our end of year Game Jam. We made the game in Unity using C#. 

This game was created in technically 48 hours like a normal game jam, except we did not stay at school overnight, so it was more like 30 hours of work each over 3 days. The theme of the game jam was H20 the water molecule.

The aim of the game is once a drink has been selected and has dropped down, to guide it to the collection slot as it rolls down an obstacle course accompanied by dubstep music and lights, with changing colours as you move. We wanted to have multiple levels for different drinks, but with time constraints we just made 1 level. I did however get it working on android phones as well, which is why the game has a portrait ratio.

And yes, the drink names are bad jokes.

We ended up coming third in the competition, so we did pretty well.

Scripts on GitHub

Playable Executable – for PC

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